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  • Not working well

    Door :-(0..
    I was unable to register my whole trip. Only the last part
  • Not working

    Door Wv3009
    For flying to USA you need to download your COVID test or vaccinations proo, but international proofs are not working. Even lot of Us Citizens where in same row by check in by this problem. It’s not working.
  • VeriFly interaction

    Door iHvL
    Before you can check in for a flight you need to upload covid-19 documentation. That needs to happen in VeriFly. VeriFly does not accept international test certificates that are published by e.g. the Coronacheck application. (In contrast, the Japanse immigration does accept that documentation.) It does not provide feedback on what is missing, merely refers to requirements to which it does not give a pointer. By not accepting the documentation, it blocks the check in process. It is a “computer says no” application.
  • Simpel

    Door HansL75
    Zeer eenvoudig
  • Completely useless and hard to use

    Door Julien Rey
    It doesn’t make any sense why some airlines force us to use this horrible app. It’s not intuitive, it didn’t collect any relevant data for our flight, and the official app instructions do not even match how the app works. It took us forever just to figure out how to add a pass. In 2 words: Horrible design.
  • Recensie

    Door Leuk spel alleen update
    Ik vind de invoer erg omslachtig en niet duidelijk
  • Useless

    Door millionmiledave
    Absolutely useless - even after entering booking code (used both partner-codeshare airlines codes) it could not figure out our route.
  • Waardeloos

    Door patrick den haag
    Nutteloos. Werkt niet voor vlucht vanuit Amsterdam met overstap. Moet je alsnog bij de balie inchecken want online inchecken is onmogelijk.
  • Absolute disaster

    Door wutend
    Finally almost everything uploaded and now i get an error and can’t do anything anymore
  • Bugged app

    Door MiTirion
    After 5 attempts to log the correct birthdate I gave up. The app keeps adding a day when you go to the next step so it never aligns with the birthdates on the rest of the documents.
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